Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Luxury Lamp - Interior design

Italian company Gallery Vetri d’Arte offers a big collection of elegant lamps, mostly in traditional style. Recently Gallery Vetri d’Arte has presented a new ceiling lamp, which has been named Elysee. This charming lamp is designed by Marina Toscano and entirely made of high quality Murano glass. Light of six bulbs reflects from crystals of different shapes and makes this lamp a luxury decoration

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An oldie but a goodie...

I've been researching music rehearsal studios and I came across this collection of pics of The Osbournes old Beverly Hills mansion. Yes the Osbournes were a dysfunctional family but who doesn't love their home :)

It's the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. Sharons bathroom (on the second row) Is simply heavenly. It's probably the size of my whole house haha.

The tv room on the fourth row has definitely found me some inspiration ;)

Like Pamela Anderson, Sharon Osbourne held an estate sale, I think after they sold their Beverly Hills mansion and sold off most of her exquisite French treasures as she has decided to go for the minimalistic look (silly woman haha). Oh how I wish I were able to attend this sale!

Top pic by The Real Estalker

please click images to enlarge.

Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Shige Hasegawa’s “Hana” Set

The designers at Shige Hasegawa Design in Tokyo have developed this interesting, nature-inspired table and lamp set which is designed to focus in on a sense of tranquility and inspiration through simplicity. ‘Hana’ actually means flower in Japanese, which is pretty clearly the inspiration for these products: first, the Hana table, inspired by origami, is constructed from five flower pedal-shaped plywood legs which collectively hold up the glass table top without the use of additional screws or bolts.

Second, those with a green thumb and a good sense of style will fall in love with this unassuming, graceful lamp design. The charming, fabric-covered lamp design, Hana Stretch, is subtle and stylish and would make a great addition to a simplistic atmosphere in dire need of creative mood lighting.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 news: Twinni Wardrobe by M&G Interior Founders

Innovatively developed by Austrian based designers Heinz Glatzl and Joachim Mayr (M&G Interior Founders), ‘Twinni’ is a minimalist wardrobe with a simple framework to implement its shape. Cheerfully colored to bring an excitement to your home, it turns out that ‘Twinni’ could also be brought to play as a matt-lacquered MDF (medium density fiberboard) sitting counter with a large storage space capacity. I wonder how could you not drooling to get ‘Twinni’ home.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub

The Viaggi bathtub is an elegant bath with spa-inspired flair, that speaks of simplicity while transforming the everyday tub into a work of art. The Roman bathtub by Maax brings a luxurious and romantic appeal with classic looks that will never fade! This freestanding tub features ornate lines and a strong, square shape that commands attention. Add a little drama to your day with this bold, beautiful bath. For those of you who are interested the design is not launched yet, but you can go to Maax website and Sign up to receive a notification at the launching date.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Beautiful Furnished Apartment 2009

Everybody dreams to have a good, beautiful furnished, comfortable and luxurious house to stay. As today people are more comfortable in having apartments, and this sometime becomes very important to choose right apartment which have all the amenities that makes the apartment luxurious and furnished too, to make a pleasure living, which helps you to live the way you want. If you are looking for a beautiful furnished apartment that has a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere … here is the perfect accommodation for those who want to come home and unwind after a busy day! Constructed in 1905 this 164 m2 apartment is located at the top of the proprety on floor 5, in a finely restored property. The apartment has many large windows that offer a wonderful view and a lot of light.

Tips : How to buy a table lamp

NEWS TIPS, Whether you go to bed with a book or just loves the idea of sporting the perfect table lamp for some lovely nights in ambient light, it’s definitely a must that bring out the beauty of the room and adds fullness to it. However, picking the right table lamp though, is quite confusing at times. With the millions varieties you get all dressed up so gorgeously, it’s inherent that you could ignore the functionality aspect, altogether. So here is a guide to buying the right table lamp and getting the best of both worlds.

1 The appropriate size

Your lamp has to complement the table it stands on, rather than stick out as a complete oddity. That’s exactly why you need to pick one that fits in perfectly and blends well with the dimensions of the space around. If the table is narrow and thin, then pick a stick lamp and if it is large and broad then experiment with the larger umbrella-styled lamps.

2 Match your interiors

Your interiors would already sport a certain theme or style, so the lamp has to go with the flow. If you have a classic and traditional-styled interior, then go for wood or metal as the base. The modern look can be achieved using more plastic and resin materials. The color and the design must go with the mood of the room and the rest of the accessories.

3 The shades

Ensure that the width of the lower brim is not too broad as this would direct most of the light just downwards onto the table and that the lower brim width will define the light distribution pattern. Try getting shades that you can swap to offer variety and ensure that they are made of fine quality material.

4 The length of the table lamp

If it’s too short, then your shoulder will block all the light. Sounds like a minor detail, but ignore it at your own peril. If you are reading a book at night, you might want to read it by resting on your pillow comfortably rather than sitting at the table, isn’t it? If the map is too long, then it will distribute light to greater distance and might disturb the sleep of someone else. All the more reason why you should get the length right!

5 The switch and even LED lighting

Now that electronics have developed in leaps and bounds, today you can have a traditional chain-styled switch, a socket at the base or even a remote if you are too lazy to even move your arm. Oh and you want to stay “green” you can even have a LED light bulb instead of the traditional bulb for better efficiency.

Buying a table lamp is both a matter of style and substance. Before you bring it home, check for the maximum wattage as you cannot use a bulb that exceeds the maximum mark. Follow these simple tips and the next time you go out to buy a table lamp you will sure spend the nights with better lighting…

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lovely Leura...

Thinking more about my trip to The Blue Mountains I decided to stalk around looking for properties for sale. I found this little gem in my favourite Blue Mountains suburb of Leura.
Look at the views this treasure has to offer!

What a sweet but not so small cottage.

From the realestate website - The best of both worlds, views and a garden and seldom available! One of the very few outstanding gardens with panoramic cliff edge VIEWS from the cascading waters of Wentworth Falls to Bowral Gib. Sited on over 2 ½ Acres of Paul Sorensen gardens, crammed with mountain exotics meandering gravel pathways, dry stone walls and native bushland, you can see forever from this beautifully maintained and much loved weatherboard residence. There are 3 bedrooms, a 4th or study, 3 bathrooms, formal and informal living areas plus a massive family room leading from a thoughtfully designed kitchen and super sized laundry. High ceilings, pretty picture windows with a treed backdrop and valley vistas , plus gas log fires and a bore for the garden, all add up to the ultimate in privacy, tranquillity and seclusion. Located just around the corner from the Fairmont Resort, the Golf Course and less than a 90 minute drive from the city.

I adore the colonial picture windows.

I would put a sumptuous window seat in this bay window.

If this is the formal lounge I'd paint the walls either antique white or a very soft beige. I would also perhaps add a little more plasterwork to ornate the ceilings. The slow combustion fire would either be replaced with a white version or somehow moved to the other wall and create a stone mantle fireplace. The sofa's would be white French settee's with an aubusson rug and a tufted ottoman used as a coffee table. And of course lets not forget the grand chandelier ;)

If this is the familyroom the carpet looks to be sisal which I already love. I'd have a linen couch, perhaps another large ottoman coffee table but I'm unsure of what lighting I'd use in this room.

The kitchen is small but delightful. With such a lack of storage cupboards one would hope there is a massive walk in pantry somewhere ;)

A beautiful chandelier is definitely needed in the dining room,...

as well as the bedroom. I'd have a beautiful off white French Louis bed and I'd probably place my soon to be covered aqua velvet, tufted love seat at the foot and place my French style vanity and leopard print chair in the bay window. I'd have duck egg blue silk curtains and a damask wallpaper feature wall and probably another aubusson rug.

Imagine waking up everyday looking out from your bedroom window at that view!! It may not be the ocean but still equally as beautiful.

Beautifully manicured gardens.

Unfortunately, to live this lifestyle you'll need just under two million dollars *sigh*

It's always nice to dream though ;)

I also quickly wanted to mention my excitement about Jason Sullivan winning the Home Made competition. I can't wait to see his future designs!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 Easy Steps for Home Theater Room Planning Guide

Call it media center, an extended TV room, a giant home theater or a complete entertainment center – at the end of the day it all comes down to one wonderful room and the delights it offers. Since a home entertainment center extends a tad bit beyond your conventional TV room by creating a whole new visual experience (an exclusive den to escape the world), let’s get down to 10 steps that will open up the doors to your personal heaven.

1. Pick a theme for the room

This can vary from one which you are already using, to a movie, game or even an environment you like. But since you might want to get that theater-like feel as you are watching your favorite flick, it’s probably best to keep it in line with the way many home theaters are basically built.

2. The type of screen

This is the most important decision of your new home theater. You need to buy something that falls into your budget but still satisfy your need. It can vary between a screen and a projector (for a very authentic movie-like experience) or a giant 70-inch plasma television as a more convenient and modern alternative (which will also come in handy for your gaming needs). If it’s just the movies, stick to the screen and the projector as they’re hard to beat.

3. Get the location of the room right

For a giant home theater it’s the location that ultimately defines how good it really is. Make sure that the room has as few natural windows as possible and make sure that it is in a place where you do not get disturbed by any external noises (and you don’t disturb others, too). Your home theater room has to offer plenty of privacy and the best audio and visual experience.

4. The audio equipment

A home theater is nothing without the right sound system that mimics the amazing experience of the cinema halls. Go for a sub woofer and make sure you got the speakers arranged in the acoustically right fashion so that the sound is not being disturbed. Acoustics is no easy topic to understand and get right, so it might be good to take an expert’s advice in this matter in case you want the very best.

5. It’s all about comfort

This is your home theater, so why not have one of those large sofas for the ultimate comfort experience while viewing! Remember that by trying to mimic the theater atmosphere completely, you might be sacrificing too much on comfort at times. So when it comes to seating, you could bring in some of those luxurious-looking seats with plenty of leg space.

6. A dark interior

There is a reason why most theaters in the world use a combination of dark purple and deep black tones for its walls and ceiling. It’s the contrast and the shades that bring in the very best on your screen. So forget about any neutral shades for this one and go as beautifully dark as possible.

7. Ergonomic design

Wires that hang all around the place and are not taken care of in the proper fashion not just look bad, but could be a real hazard in all that dark. And believe me that there’s going to be plenty of wiring to do with all the screens, audio systems and a lot more going on. So it is best to ensure that the mess is hidden away in the right way. This makes your entertainment center a lot safer and ergonomic.

8. Gaming is “special”

If you are an avid gamer, then it’s best to double up this room for both your gaming needs as well as for the viewing pleasure. If you do wish to have some fun here, then make sure you have all the extra-gadgetry readily installed with extra audio and video ports for input and output.

9. Get the lighting right

This makes or breaks your TV. Pretty much the rule of decorating everywhere, you have to get the lighting right. Use the same ambient lighting that is generally used in theaters. But a better option would be to bring in LED lighting. This looks ultra-cool and also sets the mood perfectly by changing the light intensity. And if you wish to get real fancy you can use those tiny blue lights close to the floor, to highlight the pathway!

10. Throw in the red carpet and some old memorabilia

There are numerous ways to accessorize your entertainment center using stuff like the red carpet for a more authentic look, movie posters and memorabilia on the walls. Outside you can always add an old popcorn machine or a pool table that makes it look like a waiting area. If you are imaginative and have the cash, there is well and truly plenty on offer here.

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